CD-Katalog version 1.2

Deutsch Eine deutschsprachige Version finden Sie hier.

NEW: Version 1.2 jetzt verfügbar   (06.11.2001)

With the CD-Katalog you have a simple and comfortable tool to manage your large CD and others archives (e.g. videos, MCs, DVDs). Realized in Java 1.1 it can be used simultaneously on several platforms.

In Version 1.1 the grab feature got more intelligent and more usable. An additional features addresses the detailled program configuration in the options.

Version 1.2 has been enhanced by numerous small but effective improvements: clipboard- and sort-functionality, default drive for sources, ID3-Tag-support for reading the description of mp3-files, content lists for directories and zipped files.


For every archived entry the following fields can be used:


Prerequisite is an installed JDK or JRE (since Version 1.1) (downloadable at Javasoft/Sun).

If you have questions, inspriations, translations to other languages or anything else: E-Mail to

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